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The razor-thin margin of success for the Leave camp will now dictate the future of the United Kingdom, possibly the rest of the European Union. Things are certainly going to change both domestically and overseas. While investors have been pretty apprehensive about how and where to spend their cash before the referendum, many are now seeking solace in the UK property market.
For the past week the story of Chancellor George Osborne and his attempt to rein in the tax credit system has filled the
Suddenly it's okay to attack the baby-boomers, describing them as the "lucky" generation and therefore a legitimate target for some serious abuse.
A dilapidated shed located behind an empty London launderette has sold for an eye-watering price this week, in one of the
Nearly 40% of homes in the UK were purchased with cash during the first quarter of 2015, new figures have revealed. Robert
Whilst the first half of the year has always been the busiest period for the housing market I believe activity will flat line across the year with a little less in the first half but made up in the second. Whatever the outcome, sellers in the first half could be winners in the second.
Interest rates will have to go up eventually, forcing people to sell when their monthly payments become unaffordable. Will the house of cards come tumbling down then? Or will London just be a sea of billionaires here for annual holidays in their London homes? Like Venice on a larger scale, a relic, empty of its original inhabitants.
The recent decision by the Office of National Statistics to undertake large-scale data collection on the distribution of household wealth and assets in Britain has significant implications for public policy...
Last week Halifax announced that the property market is starting to cool and that house price inflation has peaked. There are many commentators, despite the increase in September, who believe that house prices will fall next year and the market will get tougher...
London property prices are now rising at such a speedy rate, people are taking on longer commutes and buying houses in towns such as Colchester and Wellingborough. On paper, commuting can seem completely doable. But the reality? A total nightmare.