Property Taxes

The European Commission has called on Britain to raise taxes on higher value properties, build more houses, and consider
I believe it is vital that the tasks of setting rates and reliefs, and deciding how to spend them are devolved to local and regional levels of government. This would give people a democratic say in which types of businesses they want to encourage and how the receipts are spent, allowing them to witness the resultant effect in their own, and neighbouring, areas.
Kirstie Allsopp has called for a "rethink" to a controversial tax on shop units known as business rates in order to help
In truth, Council Tax is up there with sprouts, MOTs and queueing among the most frustrating things in everyday life, so here's a brief guide to some of the changes in 2013/14 and a few tips to make Council Tax as painless as possible.
Owners of holiday homes and rental properties would be drawn into paying a "mansion tax" under Liberal Democrat proposals
The monthly cost of buying your own home is now more than £130 a month cheaper than renting, research revealed today. Rising