prosthetic limbs

The highly advanced prosthetic arm created by Segway inventor Dean Kamen is finally set to go on sale nearly ten years after
A 7-year-old boy born with a partially developed limb has received a custom-built 'Iron Man' style bionic arm - straight
UPDATE: Ah-hah! Thanks to our readers for pointing out this is from these French comedy YouTubers Don’t know where this is
A student designer has created a prosthetic tentacle as an alternative to artificial human limbs, Kaylene Kau from Taipei
A breakthrough has been reported in the quality of mind-controlled artificial limbs. According to a study in the Lancet medical
Curator Priscilla Sutton has found a new use for prosthetic limbs which will be debuted in the UK during the Paralympic Games
Futuristic robots and prosthetic hands with a more accurate sense of touch than humans could be on the cards after a breakthrough
At the age of just nine, Jessy Hatch is competing in mini marathons – an impressive feat in itself – and even more so given