In certain social circles praising sex-workers has become fashionable. How has prostitution - an out-dated, slavery-like
Soula believes each girl in the sex industry has a dream. It's what they focus on when the four red walls close in on them forcing them to question who they really are and why they're there. Without a dream, the hours, she told me, pass like hell.
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The competition saw Brazilian prostitutes go head-to-head with a group of visiting Christian evangelists They were taken
My view on this is clear. I simply do not believe that any more than an eccentric few go into prostitution through genuine preference. Prostitutes tend to enter the job young and to come from deprived backgrounds. Many have histories of abuse and addiction.
The sex purchase ban does not work in Sweden. But even if it did work there, in a wealthy country with a small population and a small number of people in prostitution, it will not work here in the UK. There are 80,000 people in prostitution here, mostly in poverty and 70% single mothers.
Countries that have regularised sex work have begun to question the efficiency of their laws. In Amsterdam, the local authority has started to close down the number of windows available for prostitution in its world-renowned red-light district.
Britain makes £10 billion a year thanks to drug dealers and prostitutes, the government's statistics watchdog is set to confirm
However uncomfortable we may be with the continued existence of prostitution, it is far more unsettling to imagine some of the city's most vulnerable women forced onto the streets, due to the misplaced objectives of a city council which believes that it is capable of eradicating an industry as old as Jesus Christ.
Clerical oversight or George Osborne's new plan to tackle unemployment? A job advert for prostitutes with "no experience