protein diet

The protein trend is definitely proliferating. With everyone from avid athletes to Paleo Diet enthusiasts preaching the potent possibilities of protein, the number of people seeking ways to up their intake is poised to grow.
There are approximately 152,000 incidents of people having strokes in the UK every year - but if we all change our diet, this
When we are bombarded with invitations and people saying; "We really must catch up before Christmas" we can choose to take some simple and grown-up steps to get through the silly season with your dignity and credit card intact.
If you're struggling to lose weight or unable to suppress hunger pangs, it might be due to a lack of protein in your diet
A high protein diet usually requires an increase in protein intake at the cost of other foods, which can be valuable in a number of ways. Because protein takes longer for the body to process than most other types of food, you'll continue to feel full for longer after eating a protein-rich meal.
Are you suffering from a bout of afternoon sleepiness? Instead of reaching for the nearest sugary treat, opt for a protein