One protestor in Hyde Park held a sign saying "no mask" while wearing a mask that had "f*ck masks" written on it.
The pair, who violently threatened peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters, were hailed as "courageous" on a cable news style video hosted by Kimberly Guilfoyle.
The statue in Baltimore was torn down by protestors on Saturday evening.
Another person has been left fighting for their life in hospital.
The man and woman waved the firearms around and, at times, pointed them toward the demonstrators.
Demonstrators marched in memory of Black trans lives lost and to protest against potential changes to the Gender Recognition Act.
PM's tweets about Winston Churchill's statue a "deflection", says shadow justice minister.
The picture was taken during a far-right protest in London on Saturday.
Self-proclaimed 'statue defenders' were filmed hurling glass bottles, fireworks and smoke grenades at police on Saturday.
There are fears of clashes between anti-racism protesters and far-right activists during demonstrations on Saturday afternoon.