Last year I was approached to be a part of the film and music series at HOME, Manchester's newest multi-arts venue. I was asked to create a live score for a silent film. My first choice was HÄXAN: witchcraft through the ages, a Danish horror documentary charting the varied perceptions of witchcraft and satanism from ancient times to the contemporary 1920s setting.
Avid readers of the property pages will be aware that letting agents' fees are once again in the press - for all the wrong reasons - following the decision by a landlord to take a certain London based agency to court over their propensity to levy charges.
If losing a career, slowing down a career or changing careers completely is what it takes to get something back then so be it. That is what I will do. If it's what it takes to prove to someone that I want them in my life... It's what I'll do.
I got sent an email yesterday. Woo yeah, big man huh? Getting an email like a flashy show off yeah? Yes, I realise its a mute first sentence, as I get emails everyday (more showing off) and the large majority of them have little to no relevance to your lives, let alone mine.
On Saturday I attended my first TOWIB event. Initially, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd listened in to some of the buzz
Social media is fundamentally about relationships. I mean it's about being social, right? But like all relationships, be it family, personal or work, there are those that are good, bad and just plain useless. The same applies to social media, especially between bloggers and PRs.
From yesterday (Monday, 19 December), and for three days, the airwaves of Radio Cymru, the BBC's Welsh language channel, may well be music free.
Last Christmas, I decided to go it alone and remove myself from the commercial arena. I decided to start my own blog and keep it fun. Little did I realise, I was about to enter the competitive playing field that belonged to the PRs. This time, it was their game.