I don't blame Americans for feeling that their elections are rigged. Pundits say that Trump is fuelled by anger, but it worries me even more that no one like Trump has ever got this far.
Still living with the devastating consequences of the doomed Iraq invasion, this country has been thrust into yet another cataclysmic, life altering upheaval. With the same hallmarks of group-think and remorseless psychopathy, I wonder how much more chaos and reckless abandon, this weary world can take.
More likely, the loner is just a normal person who prefers to hang out by themselves either because they really enjoy it or they're not ready for social interaction just yet. Therefore, it's important we practise tolerance and understanding towards them.
There are many different possible reasons why British celebrity Jimmy Savile was never caught over his half-century long sexual predator rampage. One was his psychopathic-like super-sense of being able to sniff-out the most psychologically vulnerable who would either not tell or not be believed.
Around one in 100 children in the UK could be a psychopathic "Kevin", research suggests. Like the budding serial killer in