Public policy

Prisons are necessary. But we must ensure that we as a society do everything possible to keep people out of prisons in the first place. And we must ensure that truly effective support is available to the vast majority of offenders who would much rather have a regular job to support them and their families. That means that prisons must welcome with open arms those organisations and companies willing to help offenders back in to society.
In the first instance, the ministry would be tasked with laying out a comprehensive path for a highly stressed out nation to move towards higher wellbeing. Why this is of such strategic importance for society: stress and impulsiveness are strongly linked.
Our mental health system is failing at a time when it should be being made a greater priority... We must change the status of mental health, not just in our National Health Service, but just as importantly, in our wider society... This is why mental health will be a top priority for the next Labour government.
Labour has an opportunity to build on the localist successes of the last Labour Government whilst avoiding some its tendency to adopt over proscriptive and unnecessary centralist controls and targets.
In times of crisis, the need for clear information is more important than ever. Crunching the numbers in a transparent way is one of the best methods of public policy formation available to us, and data concerning jobs and growth has informed many reasonable economic arguments in recent years.
Ministers do not make any impact on policy and are reshuffled for purely cosmetic reasons, the country’s top civil servant
Lobbyists are like lawyers. Normally in return for coin of the realm they put forward their client's case for or against a particular proposition. Thus lobbyists undoubtedly can help to improve the democratic process and this should lead to better decision-making all round.
Mulling my breakfast with Peter Ackerman, and with New Year's resolutions just around the corner, here are three tips for anyone thinking about plotting a future in the ideas business.
The voluntary and community sector has always championed the rights and needs of the disadvantaged; fought for equality; and stood up for social justice. Now is the time to advocate these aims as never before. Cuts and many other government policies are taking the country in the opposite direction. Charities cannot ignore this.
While there are any number of well-regarded global rankings of universities and colleges, these don't reveal anything about national systems, the environment which different countries provide for education, for the institutions and students themselves.