Public relations

'Hotels are a part of our cultural narrative that speaks of travel, exploring and living.'
If your brand does not know how to engage in the matter online properly, rather stay mum. This will do less reputational damage.
The retailer has made a couple of faux pas over the past couple of years, but their last one broke the camel’s back.
Today businesses, executives and boards are facing a plethora of challenges that can only be described as a man-made tsunami.
There are plenty of reasons to be frustrated with the media. Depending on your political affiliations, whatever you watch
The methods I and others used during those years helped to enhance an environment of socially acceptable sexism that thankfully, as a result of the bravery of survivors of sexual abuse in all its gory forms, is now being challenged and hopefully will no longer be allowed to go unpunished.
Source: Flickr The decision taken by Transport for London (TfL) not to renew ride-hailing giant Uber's operating licence
Nearly two weeks ago, I began a programme run by the Taylor Bennett Foundation that sets out to equip six graduates from a BAME background with the skills and training to progress in the PR and Communications industry. One thing that has been helpful to hear from different organisations involved in the programme is advice relating to how to land your first job in PR and communications. For the most part these fall in to five key areas
You hear a lot in my line of work about how to handle a crisis. In a year like this, you hear about it even more. Uber. Pepsi
Mr Khosrowshahi has set a high bar for himself and his company's behaviour going forward. They may well be granted another chance in the UK but if they don't put their money where their mouth is then no amount of eloquence will help Uber reverse out of the ditch next time it drives into trouble.