Public Sector Jobs

Firefighters will join up to two million public sector workers this Thursday as unions come together in co-ordinated industrial action to send a clear message to the government that we have had enough of austerity. Like all other public sector workers, firefighters are under attack from a government which is wrecking our public services and destroying the lives and futures of millions.
The Government will today be hit by the biggest strike over pay since it came to power when over a million public sector
Most members of the public back the right to strike and believe the government is unfairly targeting public sector workers
Children across England and Wales are waking up to disruption as teachers stage a one-day walkout in a ongoing row over pay
A good networker makes sure they have the right contacts and that their contacts are aware of what they have to offer. You can make contacts in many different ways, through introductions at work, through social media or through events or conferences. But however you make your contacts, you choose them for the right reasons.
New research has found that the total number of people who've been made redundant since the start of 2008 reached 3.5 million
Austerity measures could mean a million public sector jobs disappear by 2018, according to the budget watchdog. In the Chancellor's
The prospects of finding a job are likely to get "much worse" in the face of fresh cuts in public spending this year, union
In Hackney alone, since January there has been a 80.6% rise in young people on the dole for over six months. These figures are not just a challenge for national politicians, they are a personal tragedy for each and every young person affected. George Osborne has to be prepared to rethink his policies. Otherwise the disturbances this summer may be only a foretaste of what is to come from a generation this government seems to have abandoned.