public sector strikes

So now we know what the Conservative manifesto will say about industrial action. This goes far further than anything Mrs Thatcher did in limiting the right to strike. Such a turn out threshold is very rarely met by ballots involving more than a small workforce. It adds up to an effective end to the right to strike for many groups of workers - normally the kind of measure that we associate with dictatorships, not democracies.
Thousands of BBC journalists, technicians and other workers are to stage a 12-hour strike next week to coincide with the
The Government will today be hit by the biggest strike over pay since it came to power when over a million public sector
Most members of the public back the right to strike and believe the government is unfairly targeting public sector workers
Children across England and Wales are waking up to disruption as teachers stage a one-day walkout in a ongoing row over pay
Doctors taking industrial action on Thursday could still be paid, it has emerged. Health trusts have to decide whether or
Unions have reacted angrily to government plans which would see low-paid workers having their benefit payments stopped if
The walkout by prison officers in most jails is unlawful and ministers are considering court action to end the dispute, the
A fresh strike by public sector workers in their bitter row with the Government over pensions was said to be solidly supported
Tens of thousands of workers, ranging from police officers to immigration staff, are to stage protests on Thursday, protesting
Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson's comment that striking public sector workers "should be shot" did not breach broadcasting
The government faced continued resistance to its controversial public sector pension reforms when members of the biggest
Jeremy Clarkson is in trouble again after making a joke about the death of Chinese cockle-pickers in Morecambe Bay. Writing
Seven weeks ago, I reported to the House that in an effort to secure agreement, the Government was making a new offer to
It is so important to hate Jeremy Clarkson for the right reasons. Doing so on ridiculous grounds just spoils it for the rest of us. I say this assuming you do hate him, which I don't recommend. It only encourages him.
The "Big Society" was one of David Cameron's bigger ideas upon entering office, but, surprisingly, it was Labour shadow health
If there's one thing Twitter likes more than jokes, it's a hate figure... that we can make jokes about. And today, it was
The BBC has apologised for Jeremy Clarkson's tongue-in-cheek comment that public sector strikers "should be shot". A BBC
Union boss Bob Crow has heralded striking public transport workers for bringing a city to a standstill. The RMT general secretary
Today's strikes have been a long time coming and trade unions have had ample opportunity to call them off, but a small number of hardliners are determined to cause disruption to millions of people.