public toilets

everybody banner We all do it, up to eight times a day - many of us more - and yet it is still taboo to talk about our need to go to the toilet. It is a problem that we are all facing - there are not enough public toilets. However, it is a problem that the elderly, disabled, chronically ill and parents with children are facing all the more frequently - there are not enough accessible public toilets.
The fact is, being able to access a toilet while you are out and about is vital to everyone, regardless of age or gender. For some groups in society it is particularly important. Take people with bowel and bladder conditions, sometimes they simply can't wait. The same applies to small children.
It's actually quite depressing how little the world cares about accessibility and accessible toilets. There are so many campaigners doing all that they can to encourage and promote Changing Places and Space To Change facilities.
Have you ever spent five minutes building a nest of loo roll on a public toilet seat before answering nature's call? Or do
Relieving oneself is the most universal action a human can do. Obama, the Queen and your mother does it. Therefore, restaurants, shops or offices should be receptive to this fact. To expect to benefit financially is deeply immoral.
At first glance, you'd think that Cafe Diglas in Vienna, Austria, was just another normal, refined, coffee house in the old
A town in David Cameron's constituency is accused of having the most sexist public loos policy in Britain, forcing women
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