Everything has been timed to build momentum and interest not only in the song and the video, but in Taylor herself. And the final shot of the video, with various Taylors from different moments of her life all appearing alongside one another, is a knowing moment that pulls things back from melodrama to soap opera, and purports to reveal a human side we can all root for once again.
This week's onstage shenanigans at the Oscars were a complete PR nightmare, from the logistical mistakes of the wrong Best
Would you consider yourself to be an expert? I know many of the people I speak to day-to-day would cringe at the idea of calling themselves an expert, and yet they are experts at what they do.
They say knocking out a few hundred tasks for whatever reason is a poor substitute for doing even one task that is meaningful. Being busy, they stress, is not the same as being successful.
If you've recently launched your own project, you'll know how important it is to reach the right kind of audience, and that one way to achieve this is through exposure in the media. As a publicist, a lot of people approach me with the basic question, "how can I get good PR for my project?" The answer is simpler than you might think.
As a book publicist and marketing strategist, working with authors on press campaigns and book launches, this whole experience raised a lot of interesting questions for me. How much publicity is 'good' publicity? What is 'bad' publicity? Is there too high a price for marketing a book?
If you're a small business owner or an entrepreneur then I'm sure your business is your pride and joy. You've worked evenings and weekends to meet deadlines, slaved over spreadsheets and spent more hours than you'd care to recall 'working the room' at networking events. But it's all been worth it - because you know that your business is the mutt's nuts. But does everyone else know that? And if not, how do you get the word out?
We cannot stereotype, or blame. This is not purely a race issue, or purely a religious issue. And while the English Defence League have every right to feel angry at the unprecedented, vile attack on one of their citizens, it does not give them the right to promote further hate.
For those who watch simply for the audition rounds many do so from the expectation of acts to laugh at. Some may say these people are deluded to think they have talent but rather than celebrate the confidence and bravery it takes to stand up and perform whilst the country is watching we laugh in their faces.
There's been a buzz of activity around the fact that we at Investment Impact are a social business lately.