Act three of Puccini's great Opera contains a famous sung quartet, and that's the winemaker's inspiration for this wine (or at least it's name), as the diva Pinot Gris is joined by three other voices in the shape of the very aromatic and perfumed varieties, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Blanc.
The Girl of the Golden West, or La fanciulla del West, follows the lives of saloon-bar owner Minnie and a community of gold miners who are struggling to cope with the harsh realities of daily life in a bleak and unforgiving environment.
As one of the oldest arts, opera has an air of magic but gravity too. But that doesn't mean it is for a stuffy, serious audience. Far from it and Phyllida Lloyd's production of La Bohème for Opera North is, if anything, wonderfully contemporary, punchy and oozing with youthful optimism, tragedy and of course, romance.
To witness Anthony Minghella's Madam Butterfly is to witness the best visual theatrical production opera currently has to offer. I therefore welcome this revival at the London Coliseum with open arms.
Opera is not just for fuddy-duddies, elitists and snobs. Fact.
This is countertenor Andreas Scholl's first Bach recording for Decca. He holds worldwide acclaim and is regularly hailed as the "world's greatest countertenor". His superstardom, however, has not stopped him from honouring the works of a certain composer that he has known since the age of nine: Bach.
In an age of new technology and social media, Tosca trended on twitter; that surely deems the venture a success. Apart the stonkingly brilliant performance of Tosca, Maestro Pappano presented an introductory documentary on the opera making Pappano a public figure and an operatic front man, perhaps the car salesman of all opera - or not - though this man could sell opera to anyone.