Pudsey the Dog

Internet favourite 'Carrie The Dancing Dog' is so well known on the web that she's got her own Facebook page, her own website
This week, Theresa May took a drubbing from the police, Great Britain took the Olympic torch, Rebekah Brooks took it badly
2012 has been a year of outlandish happenings, from the mundane to the absurd. Wikipedia spent 24 hours offline, rendering every University student in the country capable of Key Stage 2 curriculum only.
Nick Clegg has often been mocked for looking sad, but he gave a new spin this morning to suggestions that he looked rather
Ashleigh and Pudsey may have walked off with the Britain's Got Talent trophy - you can see their winning routine here - but
Richard, a singer-songwriter, introduces a song about how he's not a player. Bloody hell, Richard! You'll never get a club hit if you don't brag about how much of a player you are! Sigh. The song, Put My Hands Up, is so popular that it already has a karaoke track. This guy has had his girlfriend leave him and now he's been made a tit out of on reality TV.