So, we may be single, in our 30's & with no sign of marriage, babies or even a relationship on the horizon, but do you know what? No thanks. I'll take a friendly lick on the face & picking up poop over a one night stand & baggage. You can keep your awkward first date dinner for 2, I've got a platonic play date with a Dachshund.
They recently brought us the adorable pug puppy version of 'Home Alone' - and now The Pet Collective have made a similar
The only thing cuter than the eight-year-old Macaulay Culkin? The eight-year-old Macaulay Culkin being played by a pug puppy
Is there anything more to say than that? No, we think not. Enjoy! (Via Tastefully Offensive)
A long-time friend named Matt and his girlfriend Miranda got a pug. Too small to be a real dog, barks at its shadow, only eats fresh meat, still isn't toilet trained and looks like a rat whose face has been hit with a sledgehammer.
Ever had the niggling feeling something was missing from your life but you just couldn't quite place what it was? It was
We've already brought you Cat GIFs To Brighten Your Day - volumes one and two - so we thought it only right that we let our
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Toby the pug. Toby, the pug who likes getting a massage from his feline friend Harry. And guess
What's the natural enemy of a puppy? Why, baths of course! And after that: hairdryers. Yes, the only thing cuter than a dog
And today's 'Wait for it... wait for it...' video is this one. Yes, just watch YouTuber Joshua Dowdle crank up the tension