The only thing cuter than a) the Easter bunny or b) a pug is, of course, a pug dressed as the Easter Bunny. So thank goodness
Bravo, 30 Pound Man. You just won both your girlfriend's and the internet's hearts. 30 Pound Man's girlfriend, you see, had
4. PUDDLES 2. THE WEATHER 7. SUNBATHING 5. BARKING 10. PUG ANATOMY Few animals are capable of reducing grown adults to cooing
Awww - look, everyone! Elmer the pug's got a new pink hoodie - although he's not too sure whether it suits him. And, truth
Smiling, as QIwill happily tell you, isn't as simple as just creasing your mouth into a certain U-shape we all know and love
Dogs are being bred, and repeatedly inbred, with known major health conditions and deformities. The animals with the greatest genetic purity are being used for breeding because the traits of specific breeds are then exaggerated - but it is often these traits that cause horrific suffering.
Dogs don't care about winning trophies or titles, and yet they are the ones who pay the price for breeders' selfish and superficial pursuits.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it... a flying pug? Yes, yes indeed, it is a flying pug. A flying pug called Minnie, in
The internet is a strange and wonderful place. Where else can you see corgis drawing or a tortoise eating some salad incredibly