pup aid

Undercover footage from a BBC Panorama investigation into puppy farms reveals the "ruthless world" of the lucrative industry
September is PupAid month so it was all hands on deck for the biggest puppy farming awareness dog show in Europe and now possibly the world.
Serious health and behavioural issues associated with puppy farming are only compounded by the method of sale, so it's likely that the majority of puppies purchased from pet shops will be negatively impacted in some way from suffering such a poor start in life - even if not immediately apparent.
The only difference between the cruelty in the mass puppy breeding business and on the streets of Yulin is that the latter is on public display.
You claim this Quality Assurance measure will ensure the "highest standards" are reached by pet shops but you do not appear to recognise that these ought to apply to the entire supply chain rather than just the sale premises - which rarely provide for the young puppy's emotional and developmental needs.
It's time ladies and gentlemen to all join ranks and fight puppy farming so that every single one of us is proudly part of positive change for animal welfare, and the world will be reminded once again of the nation of animal lovers we proudly once were before we preferred to exploit them by painful greed and unnecessary suffering.
In addition to raising massive awareness about UK's cruel puppy farming trade, just 14,000 more signatures means puppy farming will be discussed in the House of Commons - imagine that - British Parliament sitting down talking about the future of this country's dogs.
The UK government is failing its animals, in this case dogs, on a massive scale. Puppy farms (or 'commercial dog breeders' as the suits like to call them) often house up to 200 breeding bitches in one shed pumping out thousands of sick and diseased puppies every year.
For most of us this week is pretty normal. School holidays are coming to their natural autumnal end and everything's pretty routine with nothing particularly exciting going on. But for our beloved pets, unknown to them, it's potentially a time of great change and hopefully progress.