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Recently, we brought you 15 Cat Gifs To Distract You From The General Election. But now? Now it's time to big out the big
It's a classic battle, as old as time itself. But who will win: Pudge the corgi - or the stairs? (Via Tastefully Offensive
"I taught our 5 week old puppy to howl two days after we got her," writes YouTuber Mason Chance. "These dogs are smart." You're
Congratulations, little puppy: we may be adding you to the slideshow below. Because dogs don't come much more confused than
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Finnigan. Finnigan is a dachshund puppy who likes nothing better than indulging in a game of what
One puppy. One lead. It's an epic - perpetual - battle. (Well, it makes a change from chasing their own tails, doesn't it
Want further proof that dogs aren't as smart as cats? Watch the video above. In a nutshell: there's no way a cat would give
What's the natural enemy of a puppy? Why, baths of course! And after that: hairdryers. Yes, the only thing cuter than a dog
You'd think that getting out of a bowl would be easy, wouldn't you? But it's not. Not when you're a Chow Chow puppy. Just
Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to our little friend Pacino. Pacino possibly has the greatest name ever given to a puppy