Intimate relationships require purposeful intentions. I like the notion of both individual purpose and couple purpose.
So, this is my second 'blog' - go me! Here I am, trying to rebuild myself into a fully functioning grown up (a bit like all the Lego models I have built over the years, except they always came with instructions and a picture of the end product).
Over the years, I've heard a lot about this place called 'The Meantime' - the place between that which has gone (ending of a relationship, job, project, phase of your life etc) and that which has yet to materialise - your next step 'up' on the ladder of life.
Do you feel fulfilled on a daily basis? Not all day every day, because that's impossible, but at least part of the day?
It's a passion for such a purpose - both our employers' and our own - that can give us the comfort, self-permission and foresight to believe that our loved ones will be better off for us not always being there. We're not being awful mums; we're out there trying to help shape the world our kids live in, in a positive way.
Instead of feeling that you are on the wrong path, living the wrong life. I want you to stop accepting what life hands you, like a passive bystander to your own life but to start actively leading in your life on your terms.
Grand statements are not enough. Change is achieved through actions and they need to be prioritised and followed up. The good news is that nearly everyone in the organisation wants to see beneficial innovations. So start by removing today's barriers so that ideas can flow more easily from inception through to implementation.
To live a life of purpose, we must be willing to be uncomfortable, to hear our heart racing and still take another step towards our destiny.
I know my purpose; it is to serve. I want to leave whatever or whomever I come into a contact with in a better frame of mind or with a more joyous outlook precipitated by what I have said or done. Doesn't always work but that is what I strive for.
The reality is that those moments, the moments of pure release, are few and far in between.