'All of them did extensive – and expensive – work for Carillion'.
Extra charges branded a 'kick in the teeth' for local authorities.
Broadcaster reveals it will make substantial pay cuts for some men.
Throughout history, the introduction of innovative technologies has always been accompanied by scepticism and scaremongering
Shares in Steinhoff, once dubbed Africa’s IKEA, have fallen around 90 percent since news of the accounting irregularities broke.
The introduction of practical, technical is the biggest shake-up of further education in 70 years
What will Britain look like in 20 years time? Today the government launched a new Industrial Strategy that paints a future
If taxation doesn't start modernising with the economy, we'll run into big problems: taxing the wrong things, driving the wrong behaviours, and ultimately not raising enough revenue to cover the nation's costs.
Where does that leave the displaced humans? The standard answer is education. Policy makers advise that people should retrain into higher skilled professions. The problem is most training simply provides more knowledge and skills which can also be replaced by automation.