QR codes

So I was at work and when I was in the kitchen I saw a can of fly spray and that was kinda cool but then at the end of the ingredients I saw a QR code and I was all like "why would anyone put a QR code on a can of fly spray?" and "I bet there are millions of folks downloading the QR scanner and then taking the time to scan this QR code on this can of fly spray".
The landscape for marketing and advertising is changing. Long gone are the days in which an attractive woman displays her million-dollar smile from an enlarged billboard whilst showcasing the latest high street fashion items.
Special panels have been installed at First World War memorials enabling the public to use their smartphones to learn about
According to the mobiThinking compendium of mobile statistics and research, today, approximately 87% of the world's adult population has a mobile device, such as a cell phone, smart phone, or tablet computer.
Supermarket giant Tesco has stolen the march on its rivals in the battle for convenient shopping by trialling virtual fridges
All of us have seen those little blocks of random mess that are supposed to be the (more) modern equivalent of bar codes
Having worked in the ecommerce industry for over a decade now, I am constantly surprised by the ingenious ways you can save money, from voucher codes offering percentage savings to using price comparison websites to make sure you're going to the best-value stores on the high street.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Britain's female beach volleyball champions are renting out their rears in an advertising deal that