Queen Victoria

Medical experts say that an extreme bout of morning sickness usually indicates twins or even triplets! It means the royal stork will have to carry a heavy load. Except for Buckingham Palace the rest of Britain is worrying itself grey or bald over the complications a twin arrival would create.
A mourning outfit worn by Queen Victoria in the late 1800s has sold for more than three times its expected price at auction
The Duke of Edinburgh appeared in good spirits in his first major public engagement since leaving hospital as he joined thousands
The Diamond Jubilee River Pageant features more than 1,000 historic vessels, steam boats, barges and tugs. With everything
There's an inherent danger in any sector of education: if the teachings fail to measure up to the truth, then we'll be paving the way for a deep distrust and a greater apathy. With this in mind, it is of tremendous enthusiasm that we welcome Professor Nutt's book: Drugs - Without the Hot Air: Minimising the Harms of Legal and Illegal Drugs.
The Queen has launched a website documenting the life of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria in her own words - but
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A Faberge notebook in which Queen Victoria recorded her diamond jubilee celebrations is to go on public display as part of
A rarely-seen photograph of the Queen as a toddler will be the first item featured in a new BBC radio series telling the
It is a return to the dark ages for students as their contribution to university funding will reach the highest level since
When Prince Albert died at Windsor at the age of only 42, Victoria retreated into a state of relentless, catatonic grief that crippled and disempowered her as a woman. As the years went by, it tainted her popularity as queen, turning the public against the monarchy and prompting calls for her abdication.