Carlsberg, the fourth largest brewer in the world, has blamed a 3% reduction in British sales on the wash-out summer of 2012
When I wrote my end of year blog last December, in my infinite wisdom, I'm fairly sure I declared it the Year of News, impossible to surpass... However, if 2011 kept news editors across the world on their toes, I think it's fair to say 2012 certainly rose to the challenge. The difference this time? There were plenty of positives to report on, talk about and debate. And - joy, of joys - lots of it was happening on our doorstep.
London now suffers more countries-per-monarch than any other city in Europe. This economic burden is just one of many constitutional injustices our head-of-state inflicts upon her subjects. So why did support for the monarchy reach a record high in 2012?
John Whaite was a delighted winner of this year's baking trophy John Whaite, a 23-year-old law graduate (whose cooking inspiration
Today, 20 November is the 20th anniversary of the fire at Windsor Castle. It was a sad day in 1992 when, during refurbishment work on the 900 year old castle, a spotlight was believed to have overheated and caught fire to one of the curtains by the altar.
The motion to abolish the monarchy won the vote in the end and sense won out.
The Olympics, apparently, has had the fortunate side effect of making us more human. But we didn't need fixing. We weren't devoid of compassion or community spirit; we were just looking for a way to show it.
This is not a dig at the Queen personally. She just happened to be born into this world; she didn't do anything to be put in this position, which is exactly the point.
Poor Prince Harry. He stepped straight out of his clothes and into a furore about badly behaved royals, the strangulation of the press and the stripping of his title; and it's all because he got a little wild in Las Vegas.
The economy failed to grow in the second quarter of 2012 but will enjoy an "Indian summer" as falling inflation helps hard
Why exactly are the vast majority in favour of the monarchy in this age of democracy? Has the Queen brainwashed the entire nation? Economically, there seems to be no need for a monarch.
Gary Barlow's hard work organising the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert is about to pay off - she's reportedly making him
A convicted sex offender joined senior members of the Royal Family on their barge during the Diamond Jubilee pageant, it
Wow! What a weekend for London! I've never seen it so busy! It was like a sea of Union Jacks everywhere and all I could see were people in red, white and blue! it's nice to see the country come together for things like this...
The Queen proves she's queen of the world! Picture by David Schneider.
There was no doubting Piers Morgan’s breathless enthusiasm for Sunday’s Diamond Jubilee flotilla. But the broadcaster’s hyperbolic
They claimed they were 'too busy' to perform for the Queen, but it sounds like the Spice Girls - or three fifths of them
The Spice Girls are regretting their decision to turn down the chance to perform at Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee
Weak economic data on the continent highlighted the underlying problems in the eurozone today, setting up the London market
The Queen is to give a rare special broadcast this evening, transmitted on television radio and YouTube, to give thanks for