queen's speech 2017

It shouldn't be this hard. Being involved in your care and treatment should be part and parcel of any hospital stay. It's common sense. If someone is treated with dignity and respect, with treatment being explained to them, not just done to them, they are more likely to engage in their own care, and stay on the road to recovery. It's routine practice for physical health problems so it's about time mental health caught up.
Five things you need to know about May's two-year plan.
1. OTHER THERESA “There is no Mayism!” She got that right, alright. The PM’s irritated riposte, at the launch of her ill
For too long women and children have been left facing a postcode lottery of services and a justice system that does not understand their experiences, keep them safe or deal with their abusers effectively. It is imperative that this country's response to domestic abuse does not simply stay focused on managing risk as it has done previously, but places the survivor at the centre; working with her needs and strengths to build long term safety and independence for her and her children.