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Robinson says Quilliam paid him to on the basis it had helped him leave EDL In hindsight Robinson opines: "I was using them
A former member of a banned terrorist organisation once led by Anjem Choudhary and attended by one of the killer's of Fusilier
The treatment of Maajid Nawaz by the Guardian (in contrast to its recently-published interview with the leader of Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Britain) reveals a worrying trend in the British Left today, namely its fascination with the search for a Community Representative and the compartmentalising of identity.
Since the rise of ISIL and the utter bafflement of the general public, and indeed the counter-terrorism commentariat, that
We all need somebody to blame. This week, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites were yet again in the firing line for becoming "the command and control networks of choice" for jihadi brainwashers.
The ideological response to ISIS must be cast from outside the realm of religious authority altogether. You see, Islam in particular, and holy text religions in general, are open to interpretation and selectivity. By responding to ISIS from within its own paradigm, one only validates its basic premise...
Following the furore over the news that Tommy Robinson was due to talk at the Oxford Union, it turns out the former leader
What we see today - the radicalisation of young British Muslims, the alienation and marginalisation from mainstream society and joining ISIL / Islamic State - has not happened overnight. It has been a slow and painful slide into the abyss.
Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, has spoken for the first time about being locked behind
Over the last few weeks I've noticed an uncanny resemblance between the caricature flag-burning, blasphemer-threatening, riotous Muslims in the Middle-East, and some (perhaps equally intelligent) so-called 'liberal' tweeters, commentators and presenters in the UK...