quit smoking

Smoking, binge drinking and lack of exercise have all fallen in recent years - but NHS gastric bypass operations to help
I prefer the smoke free world that we live in. I remember when I used to go out on a night out and you would come back and your clothes would stink of stale cigarette smoke.
Former smokers gain four to five kilos in weight after they kick the habit, research suggests. Researchers, based in the
Smoking should be considered an "important" risk factor for schizophrenia, a scientist has claimed. Professor Boris Quednow
Concerned pupils have written a letter to parents in an attempt to stop them smoking at the school gates. Year Six pupils
Today is No Smoking Day, and we at the British Heart Foundation are warning of the dangers of shisha because new research shows widespread ignorance of the harm it can cause along with a dramatic rise in the number of shisha bars in the UK.
According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 20% of the British population consider themselves as a smoker. Despite
According to a new report, which looked at the cancer rates of 27 member states in the, Britain has the highest number of
More women in the North East of England carry on smoking during their pregnancy than anywhere else in the UK, recent research
To a non smoker, the concept of smoking is often considered absurd. A regular smoker could and does spend up to £50 a week on a biting cigarette addiction, regularly strolling to the local shop to buy a box or tobacco packet decorated with a picture of a dying baby, a pussing red globular throat tumour, or a simple corpse.