*It was actually a three-pack that you could break into 12 bits 👀
Others took the opportunity to mock the whole situation.  Read more on The Huffington Post In response to Dan’s complaint
Tesco is recalling a number of products - from chocolate bars potentially containing Salmonella to pastry slices which may
As a society we don't yet seem to recognise the middle ground between being a 'meat-eater' and vegetarian. If you try explaining that you simply eat a 'low meat diet' you end up sounding like a hypocritical vegetarian.
So what makes a successful CEO stand out? The role of a CEO would be to develop a vision, strategy and financial goals for the business but evidence suggests that strong people leadership is the differentiator.
Terms such as flexitarian and semi or demi-veggie (sounds like a ballet move) give you freedom: freedom to sit on the flaky food fence somewhere in the purgatorial coalition half-reality where strong opinions have been humanely removed.