A new pub being opened at a motorway service station today was "at odds" with public opinion which was firmly against the
The poorest 10% of car-owning households in the UK are mired in transport poverty, according to the RAC Foundation. These
Residents of Hagg Hill Farm, near Winlaton, Gateshead, take advantage of the snow to show their artistic side Icy conditions
Fresh snow will hit parts of the UK overnight on Tuesday, bringing further risk of traffic disruption, forecasters warned
Doing nothing with our roads is no longer an option. Congestion is forecast to increase dramatically. The UK government estimates a 54% increase in delays on the network by 2035.
Road gritting and snow clearance teams are standing by to deal with the first onslaught of wintry weather as forecasters
Motorists are still having to contend with thousands of speed camera sites despite funding cutbacks, it was revealed on Tuesday
The cost of motoring has soared by 14% over the past 12 months, a report by the RAC has said. On average, drivers are now
If you use a good route planner or trip planner, you could potentially save ten, fifteen, or more pounds just on the driving or transit time, round trip. Add that up and in a year, you could have saved enough to pay for a couple of those trips. Or to pay for that trip to mum's on the weekend.