Having a pet raccoon might sound odd to most of us, but it's actually quite a popular choice - they're being domesticated
One of these raccoons is a daredevil, but the other is terrified of water. So what happened when the naughty little creature
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This is Melanie. She is a raccoon. She is a very smart raccoon. She has learnt to ride a bike. We're not sure why. Here's
What I dislike is the lack of regulation, and the rise of start-up companies with neither the knowledge nor experience to share such specialist animals with the public. The problem with animal encounter companies can be split broadly into two main areas: animal welfare, and, public safety.
Ah raccoons! Is there anything they don’t like doing? They enjoy fixing cars. They’re skilled at playing the water harp. And
"Somedays I just can't get my dog Drake out of bed," writes Ben Lucier. "It normally involves going upstairs and dragging
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All this video needs is the 'Mission Impossible' theme playing over it. Yes, just click play to be amazed at the incredible
Yes, you read that right. This video really does show a raccoon playing the harp. A water harp, to be precise. It is, we're