race discrimination

If Nigel Farage has his way, it will be acceptable to discriminate against someone just because of the colour of their skin... In Ukip's brave new world, it would be perfectly legal to treat someone differently just because of their race or skin colour. Farage clearly has no understanding whatsoever of the difficulties many people from ethnic minority communities still face on a daily basis.
Racism has gone from this country, says Ukip's leader Nigel Farage. And that is why we should abolish laws against race discrimination
The legislation Farage wants to get rid of wasn't put in place by an overpaid quango who had nothing better to do, but by working people campaigning and protesting for over a century. When someone leading the third biggest party in the country can dismiss that history so casually, there is more need for these laws and protections than ever.
Update: The House of Commons said it had records of 8 employment tribunal causes involving MPs' staff since May 2010, but
The increased aspirations of black pupils are to be applauded as higher education is more likely to lead to successful careers and higher income. Well educated citizens with improved employment prospects, irrespective of ethnic background are highly desirable for the economic development and social stability of any nation.
If you live a neighbourhood which is ethnically diverse, you're more likely to be healthier and less likely to experience