race relations

"You are doing yourself and South Africa a disservice by making 'being white' the enemy.”
Racism needs to be fought with greater dexterity and with an increased commitment from all sectors of society.
Behind the gala’s blackface lies a consistent top-down, ego-boosting effort to see and represent China as a way for Africa to enter modernity.
A new photo series explores the "histories, privileges and reflections" of white South Africans.
In South Africa, identity politics has driven communities into language and racial enclaves instead of drawing them out into shared spaces.
Race plays no role in determining whom I respect and choose to associate with in life.
Afrikaans remains a colonial vestige in certain schools and institutions of higher learning.
The right to receive education in one’s mother tongue cannot outweigh the right to education.
The “coolest monkey in the jungle” is no longer your monkey. He is a proud strong man who will defeat you – by any means necessary.
"Consumers remain quite selective and plain slippery about the brands they choose to pick commercial fights with."