race relations

Avoiding the risk of causing anger is not the same as showing respect -- it could well be the opposite.
Sam Nzima, the photographer who took the iconic picture of a dying Hector Pieterson in 1976, is seeking legal advice over the infamous schoolboy parody.
Both sides retreated from engaging their discomfort with honesty and compassion and reduced a vital debate in South Africa to a war of words with no winners.
No public relations firm acts on its own, the desired outcome of any PR campaign comes from the client.
“It’s been over 20 years. People need to get over apartheid.” Is this a constitutional phrase?
The restaurant chain just didn’t have anything in its brand arsenal to counter the brutal, racist event between two customers and their families that went viral instantly..
I work in an industry that is still dominated by white males and continues to treat black creatives as a checklist to appease BEE ratings.
There is a notion that African women are voiceless and are incapable to defend themselves, which is the furthest thing from the truth.
"White monopoly capital" is today a framing narrative in South Africa. It is fuelled by an army of TwitterBots and unscrupulous
Describing black people’s customs as a filthy menace to public health is not a dispassionate observation: it the product of a racist ideology.