rachel dolezal

The question of racial identity has been brought up in a few forms in recent years and liberals everywhere decry transracialism as cultural appropriation.
'Black authors are under-represented but she gets 6 figures for literary blackface'
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Rachel Dolezal, a public figure who prompted a major global debate on racial heritage, has re-emerged in the media hemisphere
Critics have slammed Rachel Dolezal for lamenting her struggles in comparison to Caitlyn Jenner's successes in an interview
This 2009 image by the Associated Press captioned Dolezal as 'a woman of colour' Dolezal, who received a Master of Fine Arts
Dolezalstepped down from her position as President of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington and from her roles at Eastern
A civil rights activist who was publicly outed as a white woman by her own family is continuing to insist she “didn’t deceive
A North London geek masquerading as Labour leader has hit back at critics, insisting he "identifies as prime minister". Ed