radical economic transformation

"Young people should ensure that skills related to the digital technology and other components of the fourth industrial revolution are prioritised."
The plight of the poor and the middle class cannot be entrusted to the privileged, rich and the elite to resolve.
Our country is slowly edging towards an endemic general crisis.
Dr Peter Baur from the economics department at UJ explains the financial outlook for South Africa, and the expected impact of the "Cyril Effect".
Caught between radical economic transformation and a new deal.
Despite some rifts, the ANC actually agrees on radical economic transformation and land expropriation.
Jacob Zuma's latest bid to stall a 783-count court case, the Tumi Morake debate carries on simmering and the end of the world: Part Four.
Rupert's dismissal of radical economic transformation betrays his ill-gotten privilege, says ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa.
The billionaire business guru says government's coffers are being raided. And everybody knows it.
Every single South African has the right to have their views about our economy heard, and to be taken seriously for those views.
“Women in South Africa have proven beyond doubt that they are just as capable, if not better, in certain circumstances.”
The parliamentary vote of no confidence in Zuma could be the trigger for a cascade of events whose effects we may still be feeling years down the line.
More Mngxitamas will come as the stakes get higher. We would do well to make them irrelevant by having the hard discussions ourselves.
You can count on the South African capitalist class to fight RET to the bitter end.
In recent years, the SACP has represented the working classes as well as the ANC Women's League represents women.
"All institutions that exist in terms of water use including licensing of water must actually now reflect the intention to contribute towards equality."
The call for radical economic transformation is a call for the ANC to return to its roots and get back to basics.
Here's what the ANC's policy discussion document says about how it will make economic transformation a reality.
How does the ANC plan a reversal of fortunes for SA's economy?