Since I've started writing a new sitcom spec for radio I thought it would be rude not to blog about it. Presently it's called, Owen Crumb Lives With His Mum and does what it says on the tin.
A Womble has caused uproar, removing his head and revealing he wasn't "real" to thousands of children who had tuned in to
In times like these, when money is tight it's only right that the BBC looks at where it can reduce its costs. But it is just as important that this is done in a way that is fair and protects local services and jobs where possible. Currently they aren't as 280 of the 380 jobs scheduled to be lost in the English regions, will come from local radio.
Seven big media hitters give their personal take on the highs and lows of 2011 in broadcasting, publishing, PR and the online world.
This week millions across Britain will tune in to the Archers and enjoy the BBC's tales of milk prices and the Christmas pantomime. In South Sudan, first hand stories of living with HIV/AIDS are more likely to hit the airwaves.
If you love writing, especially comedy writing, can I share a little secret with you? Write for radio. Write books, for magazines, greetings cards too, but give radio a go because radio loves writers.
WOKE early on my first alarm-free morning for two weeks. Didn't turn over, but got up, pulled back curtains, let the sun
Radio stations, especially big ones like the BBC's national pop network Radio 1, are prepared for bad stuff happening: it's called 'obit procedure'. When a catastrophic news story breaks, such as the death of a royal family member, each network has an audience-appropriate mix of obituary music on standby that will 'reflect the mood of the nation'.
It's great that our elderly statesmen of rock are taking to the airwaves. But I'd like to see a bit of a shake-up in the way the music we hear on our national stations is chosen. I'm specifically thinking about Radio 1 here.
Music and advertising; there's been lots of chat about Bill Hicks of late and his bit about how artists who advertise are no longer artists but he famously talks about how artists who promote brands are basically, and there's no nice way of putting this, sucking Satan's glans.