I can't imagine a time without Radio One. I've been a listener for as long as I can remember. It's always been number one in our house. Always the station of choice in my Mum & Dad's car, and always on preset button '1' of every radio we had in the house. My home was always alive with music and Radio One was my favourite DJ.
On Friday, Dearne FM will be broadcasting live from the glass lift at our local shopping centre, The Alhambra, from 10:30am until 12pm. Travelling up and down the three floors of stores throughout the morning, shoppers and listeners will be invited to squeeze in with us and help change lives with every slice.
It's still the most-listened to breakfast show in the country though.
Chris Evans’ Radio 2 breakfast show has lost half a million listeners in one year, reveal new figures from Rajar. The research
Recording shows is not solely the domain of commercial radio either. After all, the country's biggest radio station, Radio 2, decided this year that it is fine to record the overnight programme and remove the live presenters as part of 'cost cutting'.
I can't tell you how many times someone has said to me, 'you don't look like a lesbian', which to me is like saying to someone in plain clothes, 'you don't look like a police officer'. If only there was a uniform we could all decide on so you'd be able to see us coming, we tried dungarees but then they came back in fashion, same with chinos and camouflage
The station broadcasts from Salford in Greater Manchester.
This is the moment BBC Radio 5Live was evacuated live on air by before 2pm this afternoon. Presenters were in the middle
Imagine. You could be walking home from the station and at the same time, turn on the lights and heating, order a delivery of food for the night and make sure your TV is tuned to the channel you want. Or have the latest box set on Netflix downloaded and ready to go - all just with your voice, without even lifting a finger to swipe or click.