Rafael Benitez

Rafael Benítez is flying into London from Abu Dhabi to hold talks about replacing Roberto di Matteo as the new Chelsea manager
As the chant promised, Roberto di Matteo has been sacked in the morning and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich must now decide
For fans of Manchester United, last night's 2-0 win away at Blackburn was a cause for delirious joy, taking their team five points clear at the top of the table. For everyone else it was a cause for grudging admiration and jealousy of a side that, despite being incredibly average at points this season has an unparalleled ability to produce results.
Rafael Benitez, doyen of facts and self-combustion, is pitching to Chelsea his credentials to take over as their new coach
Pep Guardiola has emerged as Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's preferred choice for his eighth manager in nine years, according
Liverpool FC's second period under Kenny Dalglish has thus far mimicked the relationship between a petrol-head and his first car; it's stopped and started, sometimes cruising and looking like reaching top speed, only to stutter to a stop with tedious inevitability, but in spite of this, he still loves the old girl.
Ashley Cole may be set to depart Chelsea this summer after Roman Abramovich voiced his unhappiness at the left-back's criticism