"Have you ever been driving and you've looked over to the car next to you, and you've seen that person picking their nose
In which magician Rahat takes a walk through a park, pretends he's busy texting and thus not paying attention to his surroundings
Magician Rahat is back, bringing his pranking ways to more unsuspecting members of the public (who, it has to be said, are
Rahat the magician - he of the headless driver prank and the floating cup prank, among others - is back! And once again, he's
Yes, folks - magician-slash-prankster Rahat is at it again. Hot on the heels of his drive-thru invisible driver prank, he's
Earlier in January, magician prankster Rahat Hussein took the internet by storm with his invisible driver drive-thru prank
Meet Rahat, the magician prankster. Spending his time either on the internet or outside blowing people's minds with his magic