raheem kassam

President Donald Trump has returned the bust of Sir Winston Churchill to the White House’s Oval Office - amid claims he was
But he accused his interviewer of 'acting like... the outrage brigade'.
A Ukip leadership candidate has blamed firing off a controversial insult about Nicola Sturgeon on having worked in “shock
Ukip is embroiled in its second leadership election since last month and things have already become extremely ugly. With
Others pointed to more of Kassam’s tweets, including one that asked as a “genuine question” if former Labour minister Angela
Woolfe had been the Ukip heir apparent in the first of this autumn's Ukip leadership elections, but failed to submit his paperwork on time to be eligible to stand. Now, in the first ever survey of Ukip party members by any polling company, YouGov can reveal that Steven Woolfe was the favourite candidate of party members - even if he'd had to compete with Nigel Farage.
The book is not just about Farage and Ukip, but also about a journalist in a world he had always wanted be in, but not sure what to do once he got there. I hope pro and anti-Ukippers read the book. I think both groups will have their views challenged in some chapters and affirmed in others.
Nigel Farage dismissed Ukip's all-out civil as "people letting off steam" on Thursday, while rejecting talk of a leadership
The tide appears to be turning against an anti-extremist group following a motion by the National Union of Students to condemn