People across swathes of the UK are being warned of potential disruption as heavy snow is forecast for Friday. The Met Office
Rail fares minister Simon Burns is under fire after it emerged he shuns commuting by train in favour of a costly chauffeur
People heading off for the great Christmas getaway are finding their travel plans in peril as rail failures and floods stalled
Wintery wet weather and torrid traffic congestion is hitting the country as nearly four million Britons head abroad for the
Alcohol and public transport don't usually mix well - especially for one high-heeled young woman at Euston station. Christmas
Rail and bus operator Go Ahead was helped into good growth figures by Olympics passengers, with London and the surrounding
Three Department for Transport officials involved in the now-scrapped West Coast rail franchise competition have been suspended
Boris Johnson's abortive journey on a zip line aside, the Olympics have so far buffered the Government against the leftfield excesses of the silly season.
Imagine a future where you simply press a button to have your own personal railway car waiting, day or night, to whisk you off at many times the speed of a car. And environmentally friendly, too! This is what we are designing in the 'RailCab' project.
So the government has finally launched its rail fares review, which has the potential to be the biggest shake-up of our fares system for decades.