Seriously now, how do you make a living as a filmmaker? I realised when I asked myself this question that I had three main areas of expertise that I could monetise. Firstly, I am a good communicator. Secondly I have an instinct for marketing and promotion and thirdly I had some marketable skills. so, what would I call myself?
I started Raindance in 1992 when many of the filmmakers submitting to this year's film festival were still in nappies.There is a consistent theme amongst the approximately 100,000 filmmakers who have submitted films to Raindance since then: Passion.
One of the major scoops for the first was the opportunity to host a world premiere of Producing Juliet. This is a new web series written and directed by the award winning Tina Cesa Ward, who also co-produced it...
Independent cinema simply has a lot more heart and honesty than many of the big productions can hope for. Three movies into this year's programme and I can honestly say that thus far I have not been disappointed.