Nationwide we've seen an average of 202.1mm of rainfall – smashing the previous record set 30 years ago.
Torrential rainfall in south-east Spain has caused chaos, leaving three people dead and many stranded across the region. Airports, train stations and road networks have been closed, while military emergency services have been deployed to rescue citizens trapped on flooded highways. Severe weather warnings are still in place.
Rumours that a large band of Wildlings has been spotted south of the Wall have not been confirmed...
Homes have flooded and roads are snowed over.
SA Weather Service has warned that the cold front, expected to last till Wednesday, will be accompanied by wet conditions.
Relief is finally at hand for Cape Town, breaking the drought – but true to form, weather patterns could shift from delivering no rain, to way too much...
Unperturbed by his unanswered prayers for rain in Cape Town, Angus Buchan is convinced that his "It's Time" gathering this weekend will be blessed with rain.
If South Africa happens to receive good rainfall before this cut-off date, farmers could still plant sunflower seed.
Weather Service data suggests that the next few weeks could bring relief to winter crop-producing areas, securing jobs and making food available.