The new word gets used many times throughout the story in different contexts and through this repeated exposure the reader has learnt the French word for 'sun'. Introducing new vocabulary in this way allows us to create stories that start in English and end in a different language.
It's a highlight in particular for those aged 25 - 34, with 72% of that group saying they regularly spend more to reduce their waiting. There's a lot that's driving that impatience: technology, busier lives, and our mental capacity seemingly more spread than ever.
You told me I was a bad mother. You saw a snapshot in to my relationship with my five year old and you called me a bad mother. Actually, I think you called me a bad mother because I politely refused your offer of boiled sweets for my son and you didn't like the refusal. That isn't ok.
In order to stay motivated to continue positive behaviours, it's important to recognise the benefits. This can be challenging with young children, but encouraging them to help with cooking can help them to begin to understand the value of making nutritious food choices
In light of Weinstein, we need to talk about what care looks and feels like, what respect and consensual sexual experiences entail.  We need to teach about boundaries and why they are positive in helping to develop a sense of self.  We need to cultivate defiance, making clear that while saying no can be awkward and uncomfortable, it can be constructive too.
Tech executives know all the ins and outs of online world, and this is why they know what to allow, and where to safeguard their kids. Technology is a different reality, and just as you are showing them how the real world works, so you should be doing with the virtual one.
Afros. Big ones, small ones, tight curled, loose curled. I love them. And so does my son, which is why at seven years old he decided to ditch the number one cut in the barber's chair and grow his fro. He was happy and proud of how much it had grown, but two years in it's become something of a frustration. Why? Because there are a few things he's getting tired of...
We have chosen not to take them to spontaneous Brexit protests but those organised, with permission, well in advance are a perfect place for our kids to cut their political teeth. The only thing I'm worried about is whether we will make our kids apolitical as they rebel against us when they're older!
As I found out before when I researched it, parenthood is not all cute babies and idyllic family photos as Facebook would have you believe. Indeed it seems like there is much more information and evidence around that it is really hard.
As I was tagged in the photograph I was also receiving notifications of comments on this photograph of us beaming and relaxed at our friend's celebration. Most comments were complimentary and kind but after I had a notification from one of Adam's colleagues whom I have never met, my confidence was shattered in one click.