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Rather than attempting to deceive the public, or try his hand at populist, personality politics what Ed Miliband must do is work with what he has. His principles, should he stick to them can be vote winners: Justice and a will to break down the ever growing social divides of inequality are more than just admirable; they are electable.
So it seems at long last that Miliband has grown into his role, distinguishing Labour's policies from those of the coalition and starting to throw off the shackles of New Labour neoliberalism. We may finally see a return to a pluralist party political scene.
Putting the Miliband saga aside, Brogan's comments on the Cold War deserve close attention. Was the Cold War really a "struggle between freedom and communism?", or is the history of the conflict more complicated?
There is a wonderfully funny scene in the film Groundhog Day. The main character - played with laconic, dead-pan charm by
The Daily Mail's editor Paul Dacre has finally broken his silence over the Ralph Miliband debacle. Or rather, he has pushed a thousand word ramble under the toilet door that he has been hiding behind for the last fortnight.
The Daily Mail's attack on Ed Miliband's late father has gone down badly - with Daily Mail readers. The paper has refused
The headmaster of a leading private school has claimed the Daily Mail sets a bad example for children. Anthony Seldon criticised
One such author and journalist, writing at the same time as a young Ralph Miliband, was highly critical of aspects of England and Englishness. The English 'are not gifted artistically' he wrote. The English 'are not intellectual'. They have, he wrote a 'world-famed hypocrisy'.
I agree with Nick Clegg. The Daily Mail hates Britain... I'd go further: the Daily Mail hates Britain because it hates what Britain has become, and yearns, achingly, for what it wrongly imagines the country once was. It hates a Britain where gay people can marry each other, where difference is celebrated, and where no one knows their place any more.
Maybe it's the Nigerian in me, but when it comes to my parents, any insult, intentional or otherwise, will always be met with forceful brimstone and years of grudge-holding. And yes, my father has been dead for 13 years. Nigerians are just like that.