There's a plethora of non-white talent in the UK that hasn't been viewed by the BRITs let alone the general public. If the awards focused on record quality, rather than record sales then acts like Boy Better Know, FKA Twigs and Kwabs would have received a gong by now.
Harry Potter and Ron Weasley are Wizards With Attitude, and they can lay down some sick rhymes. Comedy duo The Frost Bros
A maid of honour has delivered the mother of all wedding toasts - in the form of a personalised rap to 'Ice Ice Baby'. At
Oxbridge elitism has hindered generations of working-class British students, but it also hinders our diplomatic efforts. By dismissing the stories of young, urban working class Russians in academia, we fail to recognise that it is Putin and his supporters we have to engage with, rather than Pushkin.
A new short film tells the story of how three young brothers who escaped from Syria are turning to rap music as an escape
They're both music moguls with the capacity to determine what we listen to, what we dance to and what we make out to. 'You're
When a Baltimore class asked their substitute teacher to spit some lyrics off the cuff then probably didn't expect him to
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have been friends for a long time, so when JT returned to 'The Tonight Show', they needed
Director Rick Famuyiwa wears his influences very heavily on his sleeve. The Breakfast Club even receives a namecheck here (Malcolm's final speech will remind viewers of the closing soliloquy given by Brian "The Brain" in John Hughes' classic movie). And there is more than a passing nod to Spike Lee's films Do The Right Thing and School Daze.
Beginning his musical career at the tender age of 13, East London rapper Bundi's distinctive flow has seen him take the stage at Wembley Arena, bag features on well renowned music channels such as BET, Channel AKA and Flava as well as gain support from prominent DJ's such as DJ Target and DJ MistaJam.