Twenty-three days ago, I completed a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing. Apologies to any medics out there who still have two months of library toil ahead - your time will come!
Right now it's so powerful that people are happy to shop in high street stores without any real clue as to where the clothing comes from, what it's made of and who made it - other than it probably came from somewhere in the third world, and that it's going in the bin in a month's time.
Ever wondered how the native inhabitants of Easter Island managed to move their 33 feet, 80 tonne statues - known as 'moai
In partnership with the University of The Isle of Wight, we took the light transmitting properties of optic fibres and wove a jersey fabric to create an invisible t-shirt. The technology captures light on one side of a garment and relays it on to the opposite side.