rape victims

The fact my story doesn’t fit the narrative I’ve been scared of for years, made me doubt that I could really have been raped
Linor has spoken to victims all over the world about their own experiences “I believe that, when you talk about the painful
The "moral responsibility" of rape victims should be a topic up for discussion, with the debate over sex offences dominated
Victims, and society as a whole, must recognise that rape is a crime just like any other and rapists must be punished appropriately for breaking their contract with society. 'Appropriately' is the keyword. No matter how much we want to string them up, our laws should be above human emotion.
We have heard of the horrendous gang-rape in India. There have been several articles on how it is indicative of a patriarchal society. But this problem is not India's alone; and at least Indian citizens, both male and female, have been outraged enough to protest and demand change from their government - can we say the same?
It was taken as part and parcel of a girl growing up that she would get some "hassle" from "lads". Boys will be boys, and all that. It seemed like boys' "misdeeds" were all part of them growing up, whereas if a girl had "hassle" - well, there was a good chance she might have brought it on herself.
Feminist icon Germaine Greer says she is in favour of rape victims being named. Speaking on the BBC's Question Time show
The research is not ambiguous on this topic; there is no relationship or association between the clothing and likelihood of being raped. So in the face of overwhelming evidence that clothing does not prevent rape or assault, the real question becomes why do people keep suggesting it does?
People accused of sex crimes should have their identities protected until they are convicted, a senior lawyer has argued
Around one in 12 people believe sexual assault and rape victims are to blame if they are either drunk, under the influence