Raquel Rolnik

The United Nations has launched an investigation into whether Iain Duncan Smith's disability benefit changes have led to
In 2014 Rashida Manjoo, the UN special rapporteur on violence against women, will visit the UK to conduct a fact-finding
United Nations investigator Raquel Rolnik's report on UK housing, in which she calls on the government to scrap the bedroom
The United Nations has slammed the "xenophobic" British tabloids for the way they treated a Brazilian official who criticised
The United Nations has insisted a controversial visit by an inspector who slated the so-called bedroom tax was arranged "in
It's no surprise that media coverage of the UN Special Rapporteur's press conference today has leapt on a recommendation to abolish the spare room subsidy, also referred to as the 'bedroom tax'. If only it were all that simple...
Raquel Rolnik, a senior United Nations official, is in the UK at the invitation of the government to examine whether the